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Magick Oil Review: “I LOVE the Protection oil!  I was just surprised that it makes me emotional.  It’s so healing….and in unexpected ways.  I smudged the house (my first time) and repeated “Kadoish Kadoish Kadoish, Adonai Tsebayoth” the whole time.  Randy taught me that.  It’s Hebrew for “Holy Holy Holy, Lord God Almighty.”

“I don’t know how to thank you enough yesterday, you changed my life. I was so down, can’t stop crying all the time, didn’t want to work but after I talked to you yesterday I feeI like I am like a butterfly who wants to fly, don’t know how to thank you!!!! Love you soooo much…”

“Thank you for being a bright, beautiful light in my life. I’m so grateful for your inspiration and direction. I so appreciate you.”

“I thought a lot about our session…you tapped into some really amazing things.”

“Thank you Susan for your kind words. You are such a lovely, gifted person. Those that sit in the company of a kind and caring heart are fortunate.”

“You have helped me realize many of my talents and dreams and I appreciate all that you have taught me.”

“I just wanted to thank you again for your remarkable reading. The guy I was going to marry is not going to marry me anymore…thank you for giving me a heads up on my relationship!”

“I came to you for a reading about a month ago, at a time when I thought my life would be better over. I can’t thank you enough. You saved me with hope and kindness. Three things that you told me have come to be and I believe the rest will too. Thank you so much! I have told everyone I know about you.”

“Your (Susan’s) guidance is worth so much more than you have ever charged me”

“I feel overwhelmed, I have to admit; yet reassured at the same time. You have a tremendous gift and you voiced everything that has been floating around in my head for so long but I’ve never been able to grasp it. Since seeing you my own sense of intuition has become heightened. I thank you and feel fortunate for having met you.”

“Thank you…I am just amazed at your abilities and gifts.”

“I have had many readings from you (Susan) over the years that have been incredibly accurate. After the last reading, I walked away thinking this might be the one time the predictions could possibly be incorrect. Don’t you know as time passed everything you predicted happened just as you said it would”

“Thanks again for the great reading. I feel…altered…in a good way!”

Class/Student Testimonials

*All Testimonials are unsolicited

“I wanted to thank you for your commitment to our success in our class. I have taken numerous classes, but I feel that your classes totally surpass anything that I have taken. You are the bomb!!!!!!”

“Thank you for holding your wonderful class about Tarot – so interesting & energizing! Really appreciate your hard work in collaborating materials so we can help others.”

“Oh my…your Tarot booklet…is phenomenal, beautiful, just so fabulous. THANK YOU! What a lot of work you’ve put into this, and not only does it show, but it’s so helpful. You’re always so generous with your time and talent. Good deal that the Universe operates by sending back to us what we put out. And I always pray for the most wonderful blessings for you…even before this latest cool thing you’ve done.”

“What a wonderful job on the Tarot class manual! I am a visual person so the color makes it easier for me to understand. I would like to take the Tarot class again.”

[Regarding the Tarot class manual] “I use your interpretations and information on a daily basis.”

“That class was wonderful. Thank you also for the information regarding messages from [deceased] loved ones.”

“I enjoyed your class so much. Our six weeks with you just flew by so fast. Thank you very much for everything.”

“Susan’s classes are wonderfully supportive to all of your intuitive and native psychic senses. Wherever you are in reconnecting with your natural abilities or wherever you want to go with them, her classes will support and enable you.”

“Susan’s classes helped me to open up and to understand the other side and the messages that they send all of us on a daily basis. My own experiences with my father and his ability to communicate to me from the other side made more sense after Susan’s classes. The end result has been awesome and I don’t feel like I’m going crazy any longer. She touches on so many areas in her classes that you start to open up to your own intuition and understand things in life so much better. During the first class, she hypnotized us which opened up our minds and intuition a lot more, plus it made us all relax in the weeks that followed. As far as just getting more in touch with intuition, it was immediate for me. My boss was stunned when I told him things that were about to happen to us at work. He really depended on me to help him make the right choices. He began to rely on my intuition and my gut feelings more. It was kinda neat to watch him transform into a true believer in ‘women’s intuition’ plus he now believes in psychics’ abilities. I hope you decide to take the classes. It will really make a difference in your day-to-day life, both personally and professionally. I’ve learned so much from training with Susan. It was a life-altering experience for me. I do plan to pursue readings for others.”

Hypnosis Testimonials

*All testimonials are unsolicited

“I was faced with losing my job of many years if I wasn’t able to pass a test that I had failed several times in the past. The hypnosis session for Test Anxiety worked! I was finally able to pass the test, I thank you and so does my family!”

“I had a life long fear of needles and any medical procedures and was facing just this due to some health problems. In one hypnosis session with Susan I was able to completely eliminate these fears and have my procedures done without any anxiety. I couldn’t believe how easy it was!”

“I lost 10 pounds quickly after one Hypnosis for Weight Loss session!”

“After our Hypnosis session within one week I was able to play music on my guitar that I could never get right before and had been trying master for years!”

“I was finally able to release the anger that was holding me back and forgive my former husband”

“Past Life Regression Hypnosis was awesome! With your help I was able to uncover talents that I never knew I had!”

“I was so confident and especially CALM during my interview. I know it was Hypnosis that helped me”

“Thank you for your awesome session, I woke up today feeling no pain”

“I always had so much anxiety about family gatherings. After the Hypnosis session I was able to tolerate them without thinking twice”

“I just wanted to say THANKS! I am noticing a big difference in my approach to food on a daily basis – it’s an odd feeling – but it’s there”

Psychic Party Testimonials

*All testimonials are unsolicited

“You got rave reviews. I know you will get other parties from that one. Thank you!”

“Thank you for doing Readings at my party. You did a great job and everyone thought you were wonderful.”

“All of my guests had so much fun and loved their readings”

“I will for sure invite you back to my party next year, the Readings were a total hit!”

“Some of my guests were skeptical about Psychics. After having Readings with you they couldn’t believe how accurate you were!”

“My husband wouldn’t normally get a Reading but because you were at the party he did. He was so taken back at how accurate you were he wouldn’t even tell me what the two of you talked about!”