Online Class Q & A

Question: Are any of your classes available online, telecast, or Skype?

Answer: Thank you for submitting this question.  As of now I do not have my classes Psychic Development and Learn to Read the Tarot in an electronic format YET. However, this is a project my web consultant and I CURRENTLY working on.  I am hoping to have these classes up and running online ( hopefully ) in the Spring of 2014. We are exploring the best ways to provide the content and interaction for each course – including making it available for purchase at any time.

With the winter coming on I can’t think of a better way to spend my time while it is freezing outside so am hoping to spend my time productively working on getting these classes up and running. Typically I offer my face-to-face courses in the spring and fall each year.

Please check my website and sign up for my newsletter so that when everything is ready you will get an email confirming for class reservations.

Mercury Retrograde Q & A

Question: What are the impacts of Mercury in Retrograde? Would this have a impact on the electronic devices I purchased since Mercury is in retrograde? If so, when would be a good time to purchase electronic devices again. I had to buy electronic devices (memory card reader and a Lacy hard drive) to back up our content. I purchased these items in CA earlier this month because I didn’t know when I would be able to get to a Best Buy in Ohio since it’s an hour and half to two hour drive.

Answer: First off Mercury in Retrograde or any planet in retrograde is when certain planets appear during certain cycles to be traveling backward through the zodiac; this is an illusion. We call this illusion retrograde motion.  Although this is considered an illusion it still effects most human beings especially if you have a strong Mercury influence in your astrology chart.

Mercury in retrograde can cause all forms of miscommunications, it is not a good time to sign contracts, travel can be troublesome ( or if you have to travel during this cycle try to make your plans before the retrograde starts) it is best to wait to make any major decisions until Mercury is out of retrograde.  We will even feel the effects of this retrograde a few days before the exact date and a few days after the ending date.  So it would be best to wait to buy any electronics until Mercury is out of the retrograde cycle.  If you have to buy any electronics ( I personally had to buy an expensive laptop during a Mercury retrograde cycle because I had no choice my dear old laptop failed me and had to be replaced, there was no way I could wait for 3 weeks! ) so I made sure to choose a place to purchase it from that had the best warranty!

Mercury retrograde is not always horrible though!  This is an excellent time to reflect on the past. Intuition is high during these periods, and coincidences can be extraordinary.  So slow down during these periods and take time to smell the roses.  Thank you for your question and best of luck with everything.

Mercury Retrograde Dates 2014

  • February 6 – February 28
  • June 7 – July 1
  • October 4 – October 25

Developing Intuitive Gifts Q & A


I’ve found through the years that I have some paranormal gifts, intuitive and sensitive.  I would love to develop thses gifts but unsure of what exercises would best suit me.  Meditation?? etc…  What would you recommend to expand my awareness?

Curious in Cincy


Dear Curious in Cincy,

I would strongly encourage you to develop your intuitive gifts!  Read as many books from other psychics & mediums, practice on your friends and perhaps learn from mentors who can help you develop your gifts.  I have worked with several mentors, please just be sure that you are working with a reputable teacher!  You may even consider forming a psychic development group of like minded people so that you can all support one another in your growth and most importantly get feedback on your accuracy which will boost your self confidence as your abilities evolve.

Through my life I have worked with many wonderful psychic development mentors and love group settings so that you can get the feedback that will build your confidence with your psychic abilities.  Meditation whether guided or just sitting quietly is a great way to start.  This will help clear the mental chatter that goes on and on in our minds so that the intuitive information can come through.  I just heard on the radio today that one of the wealthiest men in the world when interviewed. attributes his success not only to hard work but mostly by meditation practices twice daily!  Albert Einstein attributed his genius gifts to his intuition!

Also use whatever tools if needed to develop, I love tarot cards.  Some people use astrology, numerology crystals, pendulums, holding an object that belongs to someone ( objects carry the vibration of the person who owns them – even pictures ) technically this is called psychometry.  So use whatever you can to develop but the most important part is setting your intention to open psychically more, practice, not be afraid and meditation

Thanks for submitting your question and hope this helps!

Susan Rawlings

Animal Communication Q & A

Q:  Also, when my dog, died, I had a form of communication I can’t describe that told me he was so attached to me that he needed to cross over because my life was going to change drastically, and in this change I would be traveling frequently and he couldn’t handle it.



First off, I am so sorry for the loss of your dog our animals are friends and dear companions.  More than likely what happened with your dog giving you the impression that he was going to be crossing soon was not only to prepare you but also to let you know that his blessed job with your family was complete and it was OK for you all to let him go.  Also, our dear pets that cross over still stay very close to us in spirit.  I see this on a daily basis in my readings.  Animals communicate with us telepathically through impressions and feelings therefore there are no language barriers when we communicate with any animal or even insects.  What an incredible connection you must have had with your dog to be able to understand his message in the way that you did, truly a beautiful blessing.

Intuition about the Kitten

Q: This morning I had the same communication that told me, as I was walking my other dog, to pick up the kitten (a stray I rescued) because he would get run over.  I ignored this, thinking I was just thinking negative thoughts, and I needed to change tracks and think good thoughts.  My husband was looking under the car when I returned and said he couldn’t find the kitten and was afraid it was under the car.  I looked, didn’t see it, told him to go on, and…you guessed it.

So here is my question.  How do I know when I am tapping into my intuitive self or just having negative thoughts?


A:  Always pay attention to your intuition!

Personal intuition will very rarely steer one in the wrong direction.  Again, I am so sorry for your loss of yet another dear pet.

When we are in our intuitive minds this is considered to be more right brained.  Right brain is our intuition, imagination and creative side and our left brain is our logic and intellect.  Most of us humans are conditioned at a young age to be more present in our left brains.  When we are accessing our right brain because it is the intuition and imagination it can literally feel as if those intuitive thoughts that are coming through are just being made up.  Not so, these thoughts are way beyond imagination and are intuitive.

Many of us as we become more intuitive also become very empathetic in our daily lives.  Empathy defined is a person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual.  As we experience empathy if we around positive and up beat people we will feel just that way, if we are around people who are prone to negativity as we interact with these people we will feel negative.

In my opinion if you are experiencing true intuition rather than just a negative thought you will be in a space of not really thinking about a message that you are given it will just come – as you described in your experience – you just knew without knowing why.  If you are experiencing more of a negative thought rather than outright intuition you would more than likely be in a space of not feeling the greatest or perhaps having been surrounded by negative people, that can be a good indicator so maybe just take a moment and check your mood and how you are feeling.

Thank you for the questions and sure hope this helps! 

Silva Ultramind Q & A

Q: I have been doing the first exercise after reading The Silva Mind Control Method by Jose Silva.  Have you heard of him?  Well, I count back each morning from 100-1 to enter Alpha, but nothing happens.  I am really struggling.  Any suggestions?

A:  Yes!

I have heard of Jose Silva and the Silva Ultra Mind program and have used the techniques personally for years.  In my opinion it is a great program and have had very successful results, so this is a program that I do recommend.  One of my favorite Silva Ultra Mind techniques is the Creating Mental Rapport where one goes into the altered state of consciousness and remotely and mentally connect with people you may know and want to get into contact with but aren’t able to connect with them in the physical world or connect with those you haven’t even met yet to create a positive connection.  For example when I have had important meetings with people I haven’t met I will use the Silva Ultra Mind Techniques to take myself into a higher state of consciousness and imagine myself connecting with whomever it is that I am meeting with and having a successful and positive connection.  In my experience it has worked every time and the people I am meeting with almost seem so familiar like we have already had the chance to meet.  Silva Ultra Mind techniques are great for quieting the mind so that one can practice on a daily basis to become more intuitive.


As for the last part of the question, if you are experience problems counting down into the alpha state and feeling as if nothing is happening KEEP PRACTICING!  These days our minds are so overstimulated due to the stressful world that we live in and the many ways that there are to communicate, television, email, cell phones, social networks, texting etc… on top of our already crazy busy lives.  It can really take a while to learn how to quite the mind from all of the outside stimulation!  Once you learn how to quite the mind, one can do so very quickly.


I remember when I really started meditating with the guidance of one of my dear spiritual mentors Gracie.  She has our group sit in silence for 15 minutes while sitting straight up in metal folding chairs.  Seriously, I thought I was going to go out of my mind – that 15 minutes literally felt like 5 hours to all of us beginners!  After all of these years of practicing it now only takes me a few minutes to quite down and go into my psychic self, for years I would have to meditate for longer periods of time to get to that space, now it is fast and easy.  Although I still love a great long meditation as needed, it seems to cleanse my soul.


Although I highly recommend the Silva Ultra Mind I also strongly recommend for those who are working on developing intuition to do so with a trusted and well respected mentor.  As we are developing there are so many questions that an individual will have. I have taught Psychic Development for many years now and still have students that I have worked with years ago contact me with questions about their development.  I personally have worked with many well respected mentors and have found this to be the most supportive in my own personal development with psychic ability.

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